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Every guy has owned a pair of sweatpants or pajamas for men. These things are usually overpriced and usually don’t match what a guy likes to wear so he has to fork over money (sometimes a lot) for clothes he doesn’t even want to wear. Plus, wearing sweatpants outside the house is not considered fashionable so it limits his activities.
Why not try our selection of pajamas for men? Our pajamas feature designs based on fabrics men like, designs men are proud to wear outside their house and made from fabrics that feel great on the skin. These beautiful sets will never disappoint!


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Pajamas can sometimes be boring.
Did you know that pajamas are intended to be relaxing and soothing? Think about it. They’re designed to keep you warm and they’re soft and smooth against your skin, so comfortable that you forget the outside world even exists while wearing them.
Our pajamas give the word comfortable a whole new meaning. We offer pajamas for men in eye-catching prints and excellent fabrics that stay cool on warm nights, never wrinkle, dry quickly and are totally hassle-free to care for. If any man feels like his life would not be complete without these reasons as justification for his purchase, we urge you to take a closer look at our offerings!

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After a long day, you deserve pajamas.
Life has a way of conspiring against your peace and quiet. Something small, like forgetting to sign your time sheet and have to rush back from lunch or being sent a reminder email at 2am in the morning from HR, can turn into something far more disruptive when something else gets thrown into the mix (or when you actually remember those important tasks!).
That’s why at Clover Night we offer more than comfortable pajamas for men. Our pajamas are soft enough to wear inside, but also look great when worn outside too. They’re stylish enough to wear as street clothes if you’re so inclined.

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Guys need to be comfortable too.
You might not see them lounging around their living room or in their bedroom, but guys do love getting comfy when they get home. Just as often as girls will wear pajamas around the house, guys want to, too. But because they want to hide that fact from the outside world, they need a less delicate option with a more masculine aesthetic. That’s why Clover Night has your back with designer pajamas for men. With a choice of hoodies and matching bottoms, we have something for every guy, from techies to gaming geeks.


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Life throws us curveballs that take us away from our beds. These days, a lot of us are trying to power through tough workloads by staying connected 24/7. This can lead to some serious burnout but also leaves us frazzled at the end of a hectic day.
The problem is simple: most guys aren’t accustomed to wearing any article of clothing to bed other than underwear and if they do manage to keep pajamas on during the night, chances are those will be too thin or lightweight for the changing seasons.
We’re here to save the day with men’s pajamas crafted from high quality fabrics and designed specifically for comfort and coolness during the night while also providing warmth during colder seasons.

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Pajamas for men

Getting more sleep has never been easier.
Sure, you might be tempted to hit the hay after a long day at work, but you quickly realize that when you get home from work, you’re exhausted and won’t have the energy to do anything else but sleep. So you log onto Netflix until there’s nothing left to do but close your eyes and catch some Zs with your fantastic pajama for men.

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