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Plans to do with your pet in pajamas

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If you are a pet lover like us, this list of plans to do with your pet wearing pajamas will surely be very useful and you will also love them.

Because all of us who have a dog love that it accompanies us on each of our adventures. What’s more, we would love to be able to take them everywhere, not just on vacation. For this reason, we have prepared this guide with the best plans with dogs that you can do at any time and at any time of the year.

Surely you had not realized the great multitude of options that exist to enjoy in the company of your furry. With this list of suggestions you can spend your free time with your pet. There will no longer be any excuse to leave it at home for the weekend!

You will be surprised to discover all the possibilities that your city offers you. In addition, over the years, more and more establishments have declared themselves pet-friendly and welcome our four-legged friends with open doors.

The 10 best plans with dogs to do in any city

Depending on where you live, you will have a greater or lesser number of possibilities. Perhaps you live in the center of the city, in the countryside, on the coast… In addition, the time of year will also influence the choice of your plan.
However, we wanted to prepare this guide in such a way that everyone has access to most of the plans that we recommend below.
Dare to change the boring walk of every day for a different plan in the company of your best friend and looking cool.

Start the day off right by going to a coffee shop for breakfast. Many establishments already allow the entry of our dog and will treat him like any other customer. They may even reward you with a treat for how well you behave.
This is one of the plans with dogs that we can all easily incorporate into our weekend routine.

Put aside the path and the park of each day; change your route and visit other parks that you have nearby so that neither your dog nor you get bored of the same old thing.
Also, don’t just walk around or sit on a bench while he plays by himself. Play with him! Hide so that it looks for you, spread some treats around the park so that it can find them using its sense of smell… surely you can think of many different games to have a good time with your dog.

Practicing sports several times a week is important to keep us healthy and fit. Do you usually go for a walk or a run? Why don’t you try it with your dog? On our website we have special canicross belts and leashes so you can run with your dog and have your hands free.

There are hundreds of different routes close to home, why limit ourselves to always doing the same route? Like you, your dog is already more than familiar with the area and seeing the same paths every day and encountering the same smells does not give him much stimulation. Changing the route and the environment will allow you both to enjoy twice the plan.
If you are going to plan a long route, do not forget to carry a luminous necklace with you in case the night falls on you. Visibility is essential for his safety and so that you never lose sight of him even if he walks away.

If you are one of those lucky people who have the sea close to home, this plan for dogs is a sure hit. You don’t have to love the water to take them to the beach because none of them will resist taking a long walk along the shore, running around and digging in the sand. The most daring will not hesitate to take a dip.
If you live inland, surely you have a river, swamp or natural pool in your area. These are also fantastic plans with dogs!

Why choose plans to do with dogs?

  1. Your dog constantly needs new stimuli.
  2. Getting out of your daily routine will improve your well-being.
  3. They will help make it a more sociable dog with fewer fears.
  4. Doing things together will strengthen your bond.
  5. You will not suffer or feel bad for leaving him alone at home for many hours.
  6. Many of the plans you make on a daily basis are compatible with your pet.
  7. Forget the classic park plans and the same route through the countryside and try one of these fun plans with dogs.

And if you go by car, remember to travel responsibly with the seat belt for dogs, designed to be tied to its harness. With it you can ride comfortably and safely in the back seat.

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