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Slipping into a Kigurumi might be fun, but pulling one over your head is not.
Typically when people are going to wear a Kigurumi, they have to strip down to their undies, do some awkward wiggling maneuver (at which point the entire room is staring and laughing) then pull the Kigurumi up over their head.
Our range of Kigurumisit has a zipper! It’s just so easy!


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Are you bored with your usual animal-printed pajamas?
Perhaps you would love to wear something different for once, something stylish and warm but also has a fun fashion element?
Kigurumis might be the solution for you! Kigurumis have taken over Japan and are an excellent style choice for those who are looking for more than boring ol’ pajamas. Not only do they come in many great styles, they’re made from quality materials, so they’re not some cheap Halloween costume. Try wearing a kigurumi and show off your unique personality!

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Have you ever dreamed of being in your favorite anime?
Kigurumis provide exactly this. Unlike costumes, they allow you to act out your favorite character even when you’re not at a convention. They’re so soft and fuzzy and plushy that you don’t even want to take them off once the day is over.
Stop waiting for reality to give you an otaku experience. Kigurumis are so affordable, comfortable, and high quality that there’s never been a better time to buy one!


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Winter is cold and you want to keep warm!
But the only way to keep warm if you’re not wearing the usual sheep skin jacket or even the heavy fur jacket is to wear something fuzzy. Sure, there are plenty of options to choose from like furry scarves or hats, but those only cover parts of your body. Kigurumis on the other hand, cover both your head and torso for maximal warmth!
So all you need is a kigurumi and an insulating coat over it for total protection from winter weather!

kigurumi where to buy

Kigurumi costume

The struggle of not having something to wear when you’re going out.
Should you dress up or dress down? What will fit? How does it look? This decision ends up taking longer than expected since there are so many questions. You spend way too much time figuring out what to wear and not enough time on looking good.
Kigurumis are fun, casual pieces that allow you to go from playing around at home to going out with friends in minutes! We’ve got Kigurumis for every personality, making it impossible not to find the perfect one. There’s something for everyone!

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